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Welcome to

Raven Bespoke Improvements.

We design quality products tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Our extensive knowledge and experience means that your  choice of product and design is as functional as it is beautiful.

We work only with top quality materials and trusted brands, so your product choice can be enjoyed for many years to come.

We offer something for all tastes and budgets, meaning we can also create a bespoke solution unique to your home.

Our Products.

Choose from a wide range of different products and styles, from traditional to the very latest designs, or allow us to create a unique, bespoke project , tailored just for you.
Wherever your tastes lie, whatever budget you have, we’re certain you can find your perfect solution at Raven Bespoke Improvements.


Windows are available in many designs and different types of products, each one with its own unique advantage for the purpose and situation where the installation is to be carried out. Whether your choice is wood , aluminium or Pvc we have it covered.


The latest designs combine excellent thermal performance and security with great visual appearance, so by fitting double glazed doors you are giving your home the perfect exterior door.

The type of external door fitted to a property serve a number of important functions and double glazed doors are perfect for keeping your family safe, your belongings secure and helping to lower home energy bills.

Firstly, and quite obviously, front and back doors are the primary points of entry/exit and, as such, take a lot of punishment.

The average front door can easily



  • A conservatory will increase the size of your home. This is great if you have children, especially if you are expecting another one on the way soon!
  • Whilst having a conservatory installed at your home could be quite expensive, it will still often work out cheaper than moving into a bigger house.
  • The cost of simply moving house alone could cost you around £10,000 when you take into consideration estate agent fees, removals and stamp duty you could purchase a very nice conservatory for less than that.
  • A conservatory not only makes a great addition to your home but should you decide to sell it, a it is a great feature to have and will often up the asking price.
  • One of the great things about a conservatory is all of the glass, it allows in a lot of sunshine whi

Book a home design visit.


Take advantage of our free of charge, no-obligation home design visit, where one of our designers will meet with you to discuss your project.

They can take all the necessary measurements and you can browse our extensive catalogues to help you decide on the style , design and exact product to suit your needs.

At a home visit your designer will:

  • Take all necessary measurements
  • Help you choose a design from our extensive catalogue
  • Help you choose the finish and material
  • Show you how to get the best design and choice of product for your project
  • Help you choose any accessories to compliment your project (if required)
  • We can then provide you with a free quotation, with absolutely no obligation to proceed.


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Raven Bespoke Improvements operate in the areas of South London , Surrey and Sussex so whatever your project you can be sure of its success with our guidance.
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