When an individual has newly started woodwork, buying the most important tools can get confusing. In woodwork, there are many tools involved and all of them have their own important role to perform. In a woodshop, there will be standard 4 basic functions that will need to be done – cutting the wood (jigsaw); planing or straightening (hand plane); cutting grooves for joinery (chisel), and sanding the wood (orbital sander). Also, a laser level is considered to be an important woodwork tool mainly for precise measurements.

I have listed below 5 most important woodworking tools that even a beginner can start off with instead of spending dollars buying different kinds of tools in bulk.


A table saw is one of the basic tools in every woodshop. However, there are certain functions that even the best brand of table saw cannot perform- like cutting edges. That’s where the jigsaw comes in handy.

The jigsaw is a woodwork power tool that runs on electricity. In a way, it also reduces manual work. It cuts wood faster in a circular way. For a jigsaw to function, you will need to purchase a good set of blades that will be durable and strong. There are 2 sets of blades-U shank-shaped and T shank-shaped. The older jigsaws use the U shank blades. T shank blades are more common today. While purchasing a good set of blades, it is advised to buy an entire set than rather purchasing blades individually as it can burn a hole in your pocket. You also get multipurpose jigsaw blades that cut through not even wood but also metal and plastic.

Some of the best brands of jigsaws available in the market are Bosch JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jigsaw and DEWALT DCS331 Jigsaw. The best set of blades available are Bosch T5002 and DEWALT DW3742C

Hand Plane

A hand plane is mainly used to flatten out the rough parts of the piece of wood you are working on. In the market, you will get wooden or metal hand planes. Metal hand planes are much faster for leveling wood. It is best to buy a manual hand plane rather than a power tool because it is not only cheaper but also gives your project a personal touch. There are many varieties of hand planes available like rabbet plane, router plane, chisel plane, etc. Depending on the kind of work and material you are working on, you can accordingly make your choice.

One of the best brands of hand planes available is the Stanley from Black and Decker. This brand manufactures premium quality woodworking tools, especially for DIY.


This hand tool is a must tool in any woodshop. It has a shaped blade at the end and might have a wooden or metal handle. A chisel is used to cut or carve hard materials not only like wood but also metal and stone.

Any woodwork beginner must own a set of really good chisels. Chisels are strong and durable. If taken really good care, they can last a really long time. One of the best-known brands for buying a chisel is Two Cherries. They manufacture sets of chisels in 6, 11. Two cherries is a German Brand. They are famous for their high-quality woodwork tools which last a lifetime.

Random Orbital Sander

This power tool is used for sanding down the material you are working on. You can even use sandpaper but it does take a lot of effort. Random Orbital Sander saves time and energy. It uses sandpaper discs and moves in small little circles evenly throughout the material. It does not repeat one path again during its same rotation. In this way, it avoids any kind of swirl marks made by the machine on the wood.

DEWALT DWE6420 5″ Random Orbit PSA Sander is one of the best orbital sanders available in the market. It has a short height thus allowing the user to be close to the material while working on it. Also, all the dust, debris gets collected in the dust bag which is having one locking system. This keeps the user of this power tool safe from dust thus protecting him from any health hazard.

Laser level

Last but not least is the laser level. This power tool is a must for any woodworker. It helps in measurement purposes. Whether it’s hanging a portrait or even installing pipes, this tool is of great help.

It helps you during your construction with precise measurements. There are many kinds of laser levels available in the market. Depending on what you are working on, it will help you determine which kind of laser level you would like to choose.  There is a single line laser level that is affordably cheap and simple to use. It is mainly used for simple woodwork like hanging a painting. A cross line laser level works in both ways-perpendicular and vertical. This is used for the installation of tiles, ceilings. A rotary laser level is considered the best. It only uses one laser line which moves 360 degrees. This is mainly used for outside construction work. This product is well known among archaeological circles for excavations. You can check the best laser level here.

Even if it is a bit expensive my advice is to buy a really good quality laser level which will last you for a long time. One of the best laser levels available is Tacklife SC-L01-50 Feet Laser Level. This is very simple to use. With just a touch of a button, the laser beams startup.  It also comes with a Smart Pendulum Levelling System. It will alert you if you are out of range in the form of a laser beam light. It also comes with a mounting device so you can attach it on a tripod easily.


Always do keep in mind, while starting out on your woodworking projects, go through reviews and articles online. If you have decided on the tools you wish to buy, check out their reviews, customer complaints. Also, online portals might sell you the same product at different rates. It is always advised to do good research before you purchase your tools.

Do not spend a lot of money on expensive tools. Also if you can, buy some tools in sets rather individually. It not only saves time but also money.